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Foundation for a New Society


TNT is a communications outreach of the Hardwick Alliance for Real Ecology


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A Foundation for a New Society

Together, we the people can turn our dreams of a better society into reality

We the people will take back power and decide how we are governed

‘Truth Not Tyranny’ is a non-partisan grassroots campaign by people who want a better, more equitable future for humanity.

Our aim is simple: we are demanding that the people, not politics or unelected, unaccountable organisations, have the final say on all issues of national importance.

We will achieve this goal by installing a public "mechanism of consent".

It is not about overthrowing the government or politicians. They will still be required to run the country on a day-to-day basis. It is about passing the power from party elites to informed citizens with final decision-making authority.

Examples include which laws/regulations we will be governed by, which wars we fight, our right to reject censorship, and which international organisations we are members of.

By transferring the final say to the people, we will be able control our own future.


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By having a way to withdraw our consent, the people will be able to take back control of our laws, economy, education, food, energy and healthcare.

Corrupt Legal System

In the UK we are ‘governed by consent’. All acts and statutes are not actually laws; they are given the ‘force of law’ by consent. Yet, when the government acts against the will of the people, we have no practical way to withdraw our consent.

Our goal is to secure the supremacy of our authentic Common Law with its trusted Trial by Jury and Annulment by Jury system which ensures that the people and not the politicians are ultimately in charge.

Corrupt Healthcare System

Humans are born with inalienable rights, and no government can infringe on those rights. Bodily autonomy. Inalienable rights. Our partners at the World Council For Health.

Corrupt Woke-Education

Every day we send millions of our children to schools that should be a safe place to learn and grow. However, after conducting a thorough review of the education materials that our children are learning from, we feel the reality is that much of their week is spent being indoctrinated into the globalist system.

Corrupt Farming & Ecology

We prioritise alerting the wider public to the planned ‘deep state’ tyranny that’s centred around the World Economic Forum’s post-pandemic ‘Great Reset’, designed to globally implement the fake ‘zero carbon’ Green New Deal and the United Nations Agenda 2030 (formerly UN Agenda 21).

Corrupt Transport & Energy

No one should have to choose between heating and eating. Everyone in this country should have energy affordability and security.

The natural resources of a nation are owned collectively by the people of that nation. So why is it that we export energy to the global energy markets at a low price, and then buy it back at a premium?

To lower energy costs we will ensure that only after our domestic energy needs have been met at cost price, will any surplus energy be exported at a profit.

Our country’s ancient freedoms are now under threat like never before as corporate megalomaniacs pursue a clear global agenda that’s taking us down a road to a technology-based totalitarian and centralised society, completely at odds with the values we all hold dear.

Freedom has to prevail over fascism.

About Truth Not Tyranny...

The ‘Truth Not Tyranny’ initiative was created by a group of caring people, all specialists in their respective fields of expertise, who share one common goal—to expose what is really going on and to expose the hidden manipulators who are pulling the strings and making decisions on our behalf. We are not here to preach or push any specific message, ideology, political or economic viewpoint or hidden agenda. We just want to reveal the deliberately suppressed truth and stand up to tyranny. It is simple as that.

Join Our Fight Against The Global Tyranny

If not now, when? If not us, who?

"Some believe we are part of a secret cabal, conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global, political, and economic structure - one world! If that’s the charge, I stand guilty and I am proud of it.”

David Rockefeller—from his biography, “Memoirs”

Corrupt Financial & Banking System

The Bank of England and the City of London unlawfully control our country by creating debt-laden and interest-bearing money completely out of thin air. Private, unelected and unaccountable people make decisions that bypass our supposedly democratic institutions.

This must end by putting money creation and money supply firmly back into public ownership where debt-free and interest-free Sovereign Money can be created by HM Treasury that's based solely on the nation's wealth and creativity.