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TNT Alert: Food Security and the Food Chain

Social Media Post

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You eat 2-3 meals a day, right?

Did you know that the World Economic Forum is proposing insects and laboratory-cultured foods to be a major part of your diet by 2030?


#TruthNotTyranny #Food #Farming

Fake lab foods force real food off the table

‘Food security’ is most commonly associated with the pledge by leaders of a nation to secure the basic provisions necessary to feed the people of that nation. To feed its citizens through the provision of quality homegrown foods, accessible to all people.

But it is much more than this. It is about food of adequate nutritional quality forming the basis of the national and individual diet. Food grown in a way which does not poison the soil, the rivers or the human gut.

Agriculture, food and farming, not surprisingly, constitutes one of the largest industries in the world. Today’s commercial food chain is a global phenomenon in the hands of just six mega-processing corporations that suck in primary produce from millions of industrial- and semi-industrial-scale farms all over the world.

Those six mega-processing corporations are, in turn, now coming under the control of just two mega-mega-corporations: BlackRock and Vanguard, with Amazon not far behind.

Underpinning today’s global food distribution system is a vast agrichemical and pharmaceutical industry producing a range of over 3,000 commonly used active and toxic pesticides, herbicides and fungicides, plus billions of tons of artificial nitrate fertilisers that ‘feed the plant and sicken the soil’.

So extensive has this industrial approach to food production been that in the USA, the vital topsoil of much of the farmed central states has been reduced from a depth of some 2 metres to less than 30 centimetres in a period of just 150 years. What’s more, the remaining soil is mostly not a living entity, but dead matter; sterilised by decades of monocultural prairie-style agrichemical farming practices, leading to more than 40 per cent of once-prime soils now being incapable of growing any food at all.

But you’re a consumer, right? What food security do you actually have under this system?

The globalisation of agriculture has not come about by chance. As Henry Kissinger stated: ‘control the food and you control the people’—and that is indeed the history of how the majority of our foods arrive on our plates: via a multinational corporate industry trading on the stock exchange via a bunch of hedge fund pirates with direct links to hyper/supermarket stores out to purchase whatever are the cheapest commodities on the world market.

Particularly foods grown under near slave labour conditions in the southern hemisphere. This, if you purchase your food from supermarket chains, is your ‘food security’ in 2022/23 and no doubt beyond.

Feel good about it? Can’t there be another way?

Yes, there can—and is, but it demands action: getting off dependence on the agrichemical treadmill that is destroying our health. It demands purchasing foods from farmers and growers who recognise the dynamic living connection between soil, plant animal and man—and the importance of nourishing that cycle with organic matter, and with respect for the natural chain of life: soil microorganisms, insects, birds, bees and the biosphere.

This is the message that ‘real greens’/ecologists have been spreading for the past fifty or so years. It is founded on empathy for nature and on common sense. It calls for local and regional pro-ecological and organic farming practices to become the norm. To be conducted on a human scale and to become the chief resource base for supplying the millions of communities that seek genuine food security, and an end to the central control system that is pirating and polluting the precious resource base of our planet.

You are a member of this community and must alter your habits in order to support this genuine green solution. It is a responsibility we cannot ignore.

Only one problem: at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland, Klaus Schwab and his dark team, have a further and even more dystopian plan for the future of food and farming. It’s called the ‘Green New Deal’ and is part of the ‘Great Reset’ and the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’.

The great misfortune is that this WEF policy is backed by a wayward group of green activists, captured by the great global ‘zero carbon’ hoax that postulates the need for a ‘zero-carbon future’.

A future without carbon (CO2)

The WEF, feeling that the industrialisation of agriculture is not an efficient enough tool for destroying the food chain, wants to go one step further and digitalise and roboticize agriculture; to take food production out of human hands altogether and leave it to robots, supercomputers and laboratory technicians. Food is to be artificially reinvented and reconstructed via the laboratory Petri dish, according to WEF’s plans for the future of the human diet.

Already, synthetic lab meats, fake dairy products and re-engineered vegetables are in laboratory production in the USA, Holland, Israel and elsewhere. Furthermore, computer-controlled hydroponic ‘vertical farms’ that use just water drip-fed with chemicals in vast indoor edifices, are set to replace soil-based real farms in the near future.

In 1947, the Belgian Minister of Agriculture declared ‘In the New World Order there will be no place for independent farmers.’ The plan to put an end to real farmers, real food and real farming was hatched a long time ago. It is now on our doorstep.

From the oil-based, Rockefeller-sponsored, so-called ‘green revolution’ in Asia in the 1960s and 70s, to the advent of GMO seeds and animals in the 1980s and 90s, the world is now faced by the same private interests seeking to take absolute control over the DNA of the entire plant and animal kingdom/food chain. So as to re-engineer sacred life into something completely alien to all sentient, caring and compassionate humans.

The future of food and farming lies in our hands. To change the course of current events, we can and must forge direct links with bona fide growers of real food at the local and regional level, and bring to birth cooperative communities of mutual support and self-help. Without that lifeline, farmers and growers cannot survive the toxic top-down political oppression—and we cannot support our immune systems and grow healthy families.

There must be no delay in bringing about these changes. It surely is a matter of life and death.



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