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Foundation for a New Society


TNT Alert 1: Foundation for a New Society

Social media post

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As global tyranny emerges, rights and freedoms are threatened and the cost-of-living spirals out of control. Are you awake or asleep? Will you join our campaign?


#TruthNotTyranny #Society #Freedom

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The Not-So-Secret Cabal

Some believe we are part of a secret cabal, conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global, political, and economic structure—one world! If that’s the charge, I stand guilty and I am proud of it.

David Rockefeller—from his biography, Memoirs

Rights & Freedoms Threatened

How much do you value your freedom? Your human rights? Your right to vote? Controlling your own finances? Being in charge of your own body and mind? Your freedom of speech? Your freedom to travel? Your right to wholesome food?  You may still believe that you have all these freedoms, but do you? Look at modern day China, where cutting-edge surveillance technologies mean that your every move is monitored by the Chinese government. Many people have a ‘gut feeling’ that all is not quite right here in our own country, and the last two years have seen unprecedented changes which have hugely impacted our everyday lives.

The COVID-19 pandemic introduced us to masks, lockdowns, social distancing, petty rules and regulations and real pressure to take a hurriedly created experimental vaccine where the long-term effects are still not known. Everything in our life was affected—our children’s education, our businesses, our social life, and our ability to travel. Every evening on the national news we were bombarded with horrific statistics about ‘cases’ and ‘deaths’, and rumours of ‘new COVID variants’. Anyone who dared to question anything—even the world’s most highly respected medical experts and scientists—were swiftly censored and labelled ‘conspiracy theorists’. This is not the world we want! Nor is it the world we want our children to inherit!

Cost of Living Crisis

Energy and food prices are now rocketing. New future-changing ‘laws’ (actually rules and regulations which need our consent) are being passed by our government where we have not been properly consulted. Our democratic rights and freedoms are being steadily eroded and our government is increasingly overreaching its mandate as public servant that is supposed to be acting in our best interests. Ask yourself, how are you reacting to this situation? Are you disinterested? Or are you wanting to understand better what’s really going on? Here are some uncomfortable truths…

Awake or Asleep?

Events and strategies are happening across the globe that affect us as individuals, but which have been meticulously planned behind the scenes. If you believe everything is random and unconnected, then please think again. Are you one of the small number of people who have a clear understanding of how this world operates and why things happen as they do? Or are you one of the much larger percentage who are oblivious to what is really going on and who simply accept everything they read in the papers or watch on the mainstream news? In other words, do you just prefer to follow the crowd? Or are you a free and enlightened thinker?

The Truth Not Tyranny Initiative

The Truth not Tyranny initiative was created by a group of caring people, all specialists in their respective fields of expertise, who share one common goal—to expose what is really going on and to expose the hidden manipulators who are pulling the strings and making decisions on our behalf. We are not here to preach or push any specific message, ideology, political or economic viewpoint or hidden agenda. We just want to reveal the deliberately suppressed truth and stand up to tyranny. It is simple as that.

Please join us, so that together we can try and make sense of what’s really happening. Over the coming months, we will be putting out a series of discussion documents to enlighten and to challenge ingrained perceptions. If you believe in truth, justice, compassion, freedom, sovereignty, and the right to self-determine your own life and future, then please join us on our journey to freedom. Thank you.


Actions to Take

  1. Share the alert via email, social media, networks, etc.
  2. Network with local action groups (e.g. via The Freedom Hub
  3. Support truth movements (e.g. The World Council for Health
  4. Other actions